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Terms & Conditions

Our Prices Do Not Include


Flights, holiday insurance, airport parking, carriage of ski/snowboard equipment,accommodation supplements including single traveller, infants seated on parents lap, regional flight supplements, additional hotel charges such as sports facilities, cots, saunas etc.



All flights are protected under bonding and ATOL arrangements with the airlines.  Norwegian Wood Travel can assist you through all flight booking processes, however all financial protection and liability thereafter is assumed by the airline.



Norwegian Wood Travel require all passengers to be insured to a level equal to our own policy as a minimum standard.

Special Requests


Any special request regarding airlines or hotels must be made at the time of booking.  These requests will be confirmed to you by us in writing that we have forwarded your requests to the appropriate airline or hotel.  As these requests are not fulfilled by us we cannot guarantee them as part of this contract.

Passports and Visas


It is your responsibility to be in possession of a full and valid passport and any required visas prior to your departure.  At this time, full UK passport holders do not require any visa for travel to Norway.  Non UK passport holders should consult their appropriate embassy or consulate regarding visa requirements.

Health and Safety Abroad


It is not currently necessary for residents in the UK to require vaccination before travelling to Norway.  It is always wise to seek advice from your GP regarding personal medical advice.


Children often have no sense of fear and are under the illusion skiing presents no danger to them, please ensure children are adequately supervised at all times.  Make them aware of potential risks such as the cold environment and the potential danger of traffic.  Remember, traffic will be coming from the opposite direction they are used to and vehicles take longer to stop on icy roads.



You will be made aware of baggage allowances once your booking is confirmed depending on which airline you fly with.  Infants under the age of two are not entitled to baggage allowance.  If you exceed your allowance you will be charged by the airline and are liable for all additional cost.


Security regulations stipulate that all electrical equipment including hairdryers, shavers and photographic equipment should be carried on in hand luggage.


Explosives, munitions, flammable liquids/solids, compressed gasses, irrigating and radioactive materials and any banned or illegal substance/material are all prohibited from travelling either on your person or in your hold luggage by all commercial airlines.

Ski Packs


These should be pre-booked prior to departure and are an additional cost to your basic holiday package.  All hire equipment is of a good standard however please state at the time of booking if your requirements are more advanced.



Transfer from your arrival airport to selected resort will be made by private car, taxi, mini bus, coach or train.  Please not that weather conditions can severely affect transfer times.

It is your responsibility to ensure all, your luggage and personal items are put on the correct transport.  In the unlikely event of your baggage being damaged or lost on your flight you must contact the airline representative who will assist you in completing a Property Irregularity Report and Customs Declaration.  This must be done before you leave the airport as any claims made thereafter will be invalid.



Most hotel rooms are twin bedded, unless otherwise stated, but many will accommodate an extra bed which is often a pull out sofa or fold away camp bed.  Self-Catering accommodation prices are based on occupancy

Local Customs & Laws


The legal drinking age of beers and wines on licensed premises is 18 years.  You cannot legally buy alcohol over 22% until the age of 20.  You cannot buy alcohol from supermarkets on a Sunday.  Norway has a zero tolerance policy on drink driving and offenders face hefty penalties.  All alcohol related laws are strictly enforced.

Smoking is banned in all indoor public places.  This includes all private cabins and apartments due to the obvious fire hazards.

Fair trading agreement (Our commitment to you.)



Occasionally, changes may have to be made which we reserve the right to do so at any time.  We will inform you or your travel agent at the earliest possible date.


Flight timings and carriers are subject to change as a result of airline procedure.  If a major change is to be made we will inform you as soon as is reasonably possible before your time of departure.

Provided the change does not arise from circumstances amounting to force majeure (see below) you will have the choice of accepting the changes, choosing another holiday with us or cancelling your holiday with a refund of all monies paid as detailed below.


Period before departure within which you are notified of a major change

Compensation per person

More than 63 days


43-63 days


22-42 days


11-21 days


0-10 days



A major change comprises of any of the following:-

·         Changing your departure airport

·         Shortening your stay in resort by 12 hours or more

·         Changing your resort

·         Lowering the standard of your accommodation


Force Majeure – Compensation pay outs do not apply to changes or cancellations for reasons of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural/nuclear disasters, fire, technical problems to transport, closure of airports due to adverse weather and any similar events beyond our control.


We reserve the right in any circumstance to cancel your holiday.  However, in no case will we cancel your holiday within six weeks of departure except for reason of Force majeure or failure on your part to pay the final balance.


In circumstances where we are unable to provide the holiday booked, we will return all monies or offer you an alternative holiday of comparable standard.  If cancellation occurs within six weeks, compensation will be paid as in the above scale.


We accept responsibility for ensuring the holiday you book with us is delivered as described on this site and services offered reach a reasonable standard.  If any part is not delivered as promised and affects your enjoyment of your holiday we will pay compensation.


We accept responsibility for the negligent acts and/or omissions of our employees, agents and suppliers.  In respect of the services provided by our air or sea carriers, our liability in all cases shall be limited by the manner provided by international conventions.  We will accordingly pay to our clients such damages as might have been claimed in respect of death, injury or illness caused by negligence, as accepted under English Law, of our employees, agents or suppliers contracted or sub-contracted by us to provide any part of arrangements for your holiday.


If any client suffers death, injury or illness whilst overseas arising out of activity which does not form part of the foreign inclusive holiday arrangement or excursion arranged through us, we shall, at our discretion offer advice, guidance and assistance to help in resolving any claim you may have against a third party provided we are informed within 90 days of the incident occurring.


Where legal action is contemplated our authority must be obtained to commencement of preceedings and subject to your undertaking to assign costs recovered or any benefits received under an appropriate insurance policy to ourselves.  Our costs in respect of the above shall not exceed £5000 in total.  This is on condition that you make a claim under the legal expenses section of your insurance cover in respect of legal fees incurred abroad for that purpose, and that you produce to us your confirmation from the insurance company of receipt of your notification to them of your claim.




In the event of there being something not to your liking whilst you are on holiday that is in our direct control, you must report it immediately.  This will give your representative the opportunity to correct the matter so that it does not spoil your holiday.  Unless there is valid reason why you should fail to report your complaint to our representative then we will not consider ourselves to be liable in respect of complaints which were not registered in resort.  Your holiday enjoyment is our prime consideration.  If your complaint cannot be resolved locally, your representative will ask you to complete a report form.  This form together with an accompanying letter must be forwarded to our office within 28 days of completion of you holiday.  We will not accept liability for claims received outside this period.


This contract is made on the terms of these booking conditions which are governed by English Law and both parties shall submit the jurisdiction of the English Court at all times.

Your commitment to us


When you make your booking you are accepting on behalf of your party the terms of these booking conditions and pay a deposit of £100(non-refundable) per person.  Monies paid to a Travel Agent are held by them on your behalf until you receive our confirmation.  Thereafter your Travel Agent holds your money on our behalf.  A contract will exist when we issue our confirmation invoice.


You must pay the balance to us at least 9 weeks prior to departure.  If the balance is not paid by this time we reserve the right to cancel your holiday, retain your deposit and aply cancellation charges as detailed below.


If after our confirmation has been received you wish to transfer to different holiday, change departure date or alter any detail of your booking form, we will do our utmost to make the change, provided notification is received from the person who signed the booking form or from their Travel Agent 6 weeks before departure.  This must be accompanied by a fee of £60 to cover our administration costs.  Any alteration by you within 6 weeks of departure will be subject to cancellation charges as detailed below.


Should you or any member of your party be forced to cancel their holiday once it has been accepted, a valid cancellation can only be made if you give written instructions either directly to us or from the Travel Agent through whom you made the booking.

The instructions must be signed by the person who signed the booking form.  The effective date for cancellation will be the date we receive written instruction at our registered office.

If you cancel, a cancellation charge(being agreed to cover our estimated loss) calculated on the scale below becomes payable by you as the signatory of the booking form.  Insurance premiums are not refundable.


Period before departure within which written cancellation is received

Cancellation charge amounting to a % of total holiday price

More than 42 days

Deposit only

29-42 days


22-28 days


1-21 days



Note: If the reason for cancellation is covered under the terms of an insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these charges.


When you travel with a specific carrier, the conditions of carriage of the carrier apply, some of which may limit or exclude liability.  The information included on this site is the responsibility of Norwegian Wood Travel Limited, it is not issued on behalf of and does not commit the airlines mentioned therein or any airline whose services are used in the course of your holiday.  Please note that in accordance with the Air Navigation Orders, an infant must be 2 years of age on the date of their return flight.


Aircraft Captains are legally entitled to deny boarding to passengers presenting themselves to the aircraft who, at the Captains absolute discretion, are unacceptably under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Any passenger who is denied boarding on their outbound journey shall be deemed to have given notice of cancellation of his or her holiday.


All furnishings and other items within your holiday property must be left clean and tidy and in perfect condition.  Clients will be held completely responsible for items missing or damaged, and will be charged accordingly on their return.

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