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The fjords of Norway were dug out by ice, stone and rock during the successive ice ages the world has evolved through. Norway has the highest concentration of fjords in the world, and for this reason, the region is commonly known as Fjord Norway. The fjords are nature's own outstanding work of art, formed when the great glaciers retreated, and sea water the flooded the U-shaped valleys that we see today.

The Norwegian fjords enjoy a mild climate and remain virtually ice free, this is due to the warming Gulf Stream and air currents caused by the coriolis effect. Wildlife that can be spotted in the fjords are seals, porpoises and a wide variety fish, whilst eagles and other birds soar in the skies above. The saltwater fjords are often very deep in their upper and middle reaches, for example the Sognefjord drops to an incredible 1308 metres below sea level, this outstanding depth makes it Norway's deepest fjord.

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